Not gonna cover a lot here, there's an whole entire section on this. I got my hands on the first camera in grade 11, borrowed from a friend. A beat up, outdated Canon EOS Rebel SL2. The time window was a week, and there was simply no other object I took advantage more than this camera. Running around the neighbourhood, I hunted for photos. And heres some of the very first photos I took with a DSLR camera:


At some point, I came to realize who we are, is in many ways, defined by the media / content we consume. Weither its music, films, tv shows, or youtube and other social medias, these preferrences can be a window into the person we are. And heres mine, not that anyone asked.


The one thing thats more boring than other people's dreams, is other people's musical tasts. But to one themselves, it is the most fun. Whats your favourite songs?  I have to say that in the past, I have been guity of trying to seem cool by answering the question with the least known title by the unfortunetly popular musicans I liked. "You can't say the popular stuff, thats too obvious", or else "the real fans, listens to the unpopular, underrated stuff". but I have learned that thats not cool. in fact, quite the opposite. And so, I'm just gonna enbrace that fact that all my favourite artists are increadibly mainstream, and Obvious

My Favourite Artists:

Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran


John Mayor

Fun fact? The songer/songwriter/producer FINNEAS, has an incredibly charming personality and great humour. Dispect him often shying away from the spotlight, he is very active on social media. Check out his TikTok, as well as during the padanmic, Finneas and his girlfriend cloudia had a podcast that had been removed due to it getting too personal and revailling. Or if you're a fan of John Mayor? I only recently found out that John Mayor is like a titan in the watch collecting world, check out this video of John obsessed over watches. Even if you don't care about watch at all, you will be moved by his passion.

My Favourite Albums

Whats my playlist you ask? Unfortunely, I'm the only 3 people that are so behind that hasn't adopted the concept of playlists yet. I like to play music by album, putting on an album, start to finish. No skips, no repeats, no shuffles. 


The most pretentious part so far. Right, talking about critically aclaimed movies, how fun. And yet, nothing can compete with that feeling after a good movie, its the kind you can't stop thinking about, the kind hunts you at night, keeping you wide awake. You watch it over and over, each time learning something new, each time discovers a new proof of the movie's brilliance. 

sometimes, its the style, a photographic style so unique, that its instently recognizable. Its imprinted in my brain. everwhere I look, I can't help but to see it through the lens of that unmistakable cinematic style. the symmetry, the planmatric composition, the quick pans, the rich prime colours, and it has a name: Wes Anderson.

A Wes Anderson movie plays like a fairytale, there is an innocence to the story. Its the sinseraly delivered obsure dialogs, the dreamlike symmetry of the frames, and the artifacially precise movements of camera. Each scene visually and narriatively increasingly sureal. 

Youtube channels I like

Ask me what I'm most proud of myself, and I'll anwser: I don't use TikTok. But that fact is made even by my extensive Youtube usage. Open up my screentime, and Youtube surpases my notes app (for study), or music app, web browsing or anything else. Are there content I watched that was a complete time waster and left me only regret? maybe 50 percents of the time. And here I'll show you the channels I love that occupies my other 50 percents.

Also, I put unfeasible amount of time into handpicking a video from each channel thats accessable, and or really represent well what the channel is all about. If anyone actually watched through these videos, let me know, and I'll write you a thank you letter.

A channel started all the way back in 2007, the centre of argubly the most healthy online community ever to exist, the best way to summerize what vlogbrothers is all about: a celebrations of intellectual engagement and unironic enthusiasm. The community grew up with these videos call themselves Nerdfighters, sounds nerdy? Thats the point. The internet famous Green Brothers needs no introduction, The critically acclaimed best-seller YA novelist John Green, or else known as the world's leading avicate for Tuberculosis inequality, and his brother with a thousand business endeavours, otherwise known as the TikTok sensation Hank Green, the two brothers makes videos back and fourth each Tuesday and Friday, bringing sometimes light-hearted humour, or unapologitically sinsere observations of the human condition. Please for the love of god, check it out!

Best Watch Channel - Andrew Morgan 

I reckon most people don't care about mechanical watches, and even inside the confined space of watch youtube contents, a small channel like Andrew Morgan can be easily glanced over. People might know him as the host of the Watchfinder's channel, but a channel of his own, its personal, and a free expression of Andrew himself. Aside from being a watch enthusiast, Andrew Morgan is also a Si-Fi writer, and he really does have a way with words. Maybe I'm just particularlly attacted to authors and well-written video essays? And thats everything this channel is about, a passion shining through the most expressive writting, packed with the most creative analogies and metaphor. Its instantly relatable, and something you just can't help but drawn back to over and over.

Best Fashion Channel - Bliss Foster 

Fashion? Really? I know, I know, but hear me out. Bliss is a fashion critic that analysis runway and fashion history from the artistic aspect. He looks into the culture references of a designer's work, the pholosiphies behind them, and comments on the states of the fashion instustry. He reads show notes, interviews upcomming indie designers, and really offers a fresh perspective into this messy, chaotic world of fashion. Also, it wouldn't be a suprise to you, that he has a degree in literature, and is really good at articulating an idea as percise as possible. Again, I just have a thing for well-written scripted videos.