These are a collection of personal projects, school projects, and anything in btween. 

A Maze Game

The rule is simple. In one minute time, collect as many easter eggs, and try not to run into any traps. The maze is generated to assure the players get a different map each round. All visuals are designed and made "in house" to be fancy, with the help from my talented brother. The brick wall pattern is obviously a tweak on Minecraft's classic stone brick texture, because I love Minecraft. The game also comes with original sound effects.

start screen

game play screen

end screen

On the technical side: Game is wrtten with Pygame, uses a recursive division style algorithm for maze generation. score history is stored in an SQLite database.

Morse Code Decoder

First year, small buget. Ingredient consist of cardboard box, one ramen noodles bow, standard A4 papers, chopsticks, straw, a spring, a LCD, and STM32 microcontroller board. Usage is simple. One button for reset, one for delete, use the paddle to input morse code, which will then be translated into letters and displayed on the LCD.

The story behind this "design". The enclosure was planned to be 3D printed, but due to the availability of the 3D printers and the pressing deadline, we had to make this "emergency" case. but I didn't want it to be ugly. And its hard to emphysis how difficult it is to make cardboards somewhat decent. 

One can check out the code for this project, writen in C++. there's no immidiantly obvious value or benefit why one should check out the code, but is still encouraged.