Tejas Srikanth

A Photo Album

Tejas at a sandwich shop

Tejas is a great friend of mine. I love Tejas. Tejas is charismatic, charming, and unapologetically funny. Tejas is someone you bring to a party so no-one would get bored ever. I love Tejas. Tejas is smart but doesn't make you feel stupid, Tejas is someone that you can have a sincere conversation with at 2 am and give you advice when you most needed it. I love Tejas. Tejas is someone you can count on, someone who can drive you to costco on a rainy day. Tejas is a promising young man with a bright future ahead. Tejas surrounds himself with talented and interesting people, and also me. I love Tejas. 

Tejas then enjoying the sandwich

Tejas at a trail

Tejas in front of a big boat

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